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The Big Picture

Overview of Parakaleo, what we offer church planters and their wives, resources, training, coaching, leadership development

Parakaleo provides a safe place for women in ministry by modeling what it means to wrestle with the profound truth and grace the gospel gives us. This has allowed me to not only be more honest with others, but to more fully accept and embrace the woman God made me to be. I have permission to be more fully human, a woman who can be comfortable with my flaws as I attempt to make Christ known.
— Church Planting Spouse, New York, NY

Parakaleo is committed to reaching and serving women who volunteer
their hearts and lives to serve their communities and churches.



They are called, assessed, and sent as a unit.

But from here forward the focus shifts to the planter.  Parakaleo, the Greek word for “coming alongside,” is dedicated to ensuring that both members of this team receive gospel-centered training and care. Specifically, Parakaleo creates relational space for women to engage a robust gospel that frees them to embrace and to live their truest identity.

Couples have a high success rate for the survival of their church and their marriage when both are trained and coached.

Learn more about our research and why Parakaleo meets a unique need and strengthens marriages, supports ministries, and saves lives.



changed lives: what respondents are saying

Finally, there has been validation for my questions/feelings—not just hugs and ‘I will pray for you,’ but actually giving me tools to keep my head above water and not make my husband crazy.
— Church Planting Spouse, Atlanta, GA