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Jamie Devins
Director of Operations




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What We Do

Our unique approach to bring the Gospel to bear in the hearts and lives of pastors wives invigorating their ministry, marriage, and walk with Christ.

By training, supporting and encouraging women in ministry we create a virtuous cycle of health, joy, community and education. These women replicate their training by teaching others and pouring these truths back into their home church.

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By helping her, we are helping him. 

By helping her,
we are creating new trainers
who will help another her. 

By helping her,
we are changing the way
churches are planted. 

By changing church planting,
we are seeing marriages, communities
and cities reached with the gospel.


AS the Gospel frees us


We become more transparent, honest, and fully alive.

We discover we are free to fail as well as to succeed.

We find ourselves surprised by joy in the midst of personal pain.

We laugh more.

We cry more.

And regardless of how hard we work (or don’t work)

whether we are good or bad, skinny or fat

 impress others or make fools of ourselves

 we get to experience life as adopted

cherished daughters of our heavenly Father. 

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