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Virtual Network Participant Registration


Three Month Virtual Network registration

We are excited to be offering virtual networks for the 2017 year. These groups will run for three months and the cost to join is $300. Please select the network leader for the time that works best with your schedule.

Network Commitment Agreement

Before registering, we ask that you and your husband read the Parakaleo Local Network Commitment Agreement.

Name *
Address *
Parakaleo Network *
Please select the virtual network you are joining from the list below.
My husband and I have both read and agree to the guidelines outlined in the Parakaleo Local Network Commitment form.
Cataylst Information
A catalyst could be a church planting organization and/or regional leader(s) who provide financial support and affirm the value of care for both church-planting spouses.
Name of Catalyst *
Name of Catalyst
Please provide the name of your catalyst if you have one. If you do not have one, please enter "none" in both fields.
Catalyst's Phone Number
Catalyst's Phone Number