Parakaleo Training

  1. Firmly based in gospel theology

  2. Informed by Educational Theory

  3. Influenced by Ongoing Research


Parakaleo equips women to face the complex world of church planting and pastoral ministry. We provide a grid for viewing and living life through the gospel in the midst of life and ministry challenges with practical, tangible tools. Our unique design invites women to see their own stories in light of God’s bigger story of redemption, understand how the gospel applies to all aspects of life, unmask chosen idolatries, embrace their truest identity and calling, and live this out in community.




Explore current issues you’re facing along with others who are on a similar journey. Investigate how your story of origin impacts your relational style, your chosen idolatries, and your church and family. And plan on doing this in a fun, relaxing format.

We use real-life scenarios ranging from boundary ambiguity to conflicts as we unpack deeper heart issues in our peer counseling groups. And we dedicate serious time to celebrating and playing!



Knowing what to say is hard.

Do you struggle with knowing how to respond when someone is vulnerable with any part of herself, her heart, her story? You aren’t alone. Alongside coaching was designed to equip you with skills and tools for one-on-one gospel coaching. You will learn how to engage the hearts of others, helping them see themselves, their situations, and their Savior and invite them to step forward in faith.


Leadership is for group leaders and trainers desiring to create an environment where the gospel is not just spoken but experienced. Our training emphasizes leading from weakness and our personal need of Jesus. We celebrate the uniqueness of each leader, challenging them to delight in and lead with their own style. In this lab, we practice leading groups, entering conflict, addressing tension in the group, training with gospel tools in a variety of venues, and learning practical ways to peer coach, connect, care, celebrate, and create. You will experience grace while being challenged to creatively weave the gospel into your training & group gatherings.