Training and Supporting Women in Church Planting


parakaleō: (VerB)  To come alongside, to encourage and strengthen,  to instruct and teach



They are called, assessed, and sent as a unit.

But from here forward the focus shifts to the planter.  Parakaleo, the Greek word for “coming alongside,” is dedicated to ensuring that both members of this team receive gospel-centered training and care. Specifically, Parakaleo trains leaders to relationally support and equip women called to church planting.

We desire that every woman in church planting is recognized, trained and supported.


women in church planting report:

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Coming Alongside


By training, supporting and encouraging women in church planting we create a virtuous cycle of health, joy, community and education. 

These women replicate their training by teaching others and pouring these truths back into their home church.

Couples have a high success rate for the survival of their church and marriage when both are trained and coached. 


changed lives: what respondents are saying

My personal experience, and observation of dozens of church planting couples, all but confirm that the Enemy sends disproportionate chaos into the life of Church Planting Wives. This is shrewd as most men are more affected by their wife’s suffering, than their own. Compounding the problem is the fact that most church planters have a coach and regular touches with other leaders where support is extended while their wives are mostly isolated and unsupported. This remains one of the biggest “misses” in our thinking about healthy, sustained church planting. I am encouraged that Parakaleo is coming alongside church planting wives to change this.
— Duke Revard, Director of the Soma Family of Churches

Everyone who has been through church planting knows that it is a family affair. It’s ‘all hands on deck’ - the church planter’s wife and children are deeply involved. Yet spouses of church planters at most get a chapter in books on church planting -if they are fortunate. Here, however, Shari Thomas and Tami Resch have written and assembled an entire volume, filled with all kinds of tools, helping wives to not only cope with the intense thing that is church planting, but to grow powerfully and minister effectively. I’m grateful for their work.
— Dr. Tim Keller, author of Generous Justice and The Reason for God

Finally, there has been validation for my questions/feelings—not just hugs and ‘I will pray for you,’ but actually giving me tools to keep my head above water and not make my husband crazy.
— Church Planting Spouse, Atlanta, GA

Parakaleo provides a safe place for women in ministry by modeling what it means to wrestle with the profound truth and grace the gospel gives us. This has allowed me to not only be more honest with others, but to more fully accept and embrace the woman God made me to be. I have permission to be more fully human, a woman who can be comfortable with my flaws as I attempt to make Christ known.
— Church Planting Spouse, New York, NY