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Learn about Parakaleo's unique strategy for helping ministries grow through mutual support.

Our vision and strategy

Parakaleo’s vision is to come alongside church-planting spouses domestically and globally.

In order to achieve this vision we have created a comprehensive fundraising strategy* to scale the organization.  

  • Increasing Time Efficiency:  Greater focus will be taken on assessing the meetings in which senior staff’s presence will be most effective.  The rest of their time will be focused on increasing program efficacy and quality.

  • Increase Awareness: Effort will be made to reach out to organizations that will provide platforms to tell our story and increase awareness and, ideally, support.
  • Making Targeted Asks and Identifying Additional Donor Pools: We will aim to identify individual donors who are not the direct beneficiaries but who can relate with the problem Parakaleo is looking to solve and have resources capable of being gospel patrons for spouses of church planters.



Building from our current loyal donor base, we hope to widen the scope of those who know about Parakaleo and incorporate three pools of possible donor partners, all which have incentive and motivation to see Parakaleo succeed.  

Each pool represents a group that is benefitted by or sees the value of Parakaleo’s success and will support Parakaleo for those reasons. We hope that many of our current donors see themselves in one of these pools already so that together, we can work to reach others to help us reach our funding goals:


ADVOCATE:  This pool includes women, men and families within the church planting spouse’s  home church who act as advocates for the spouse through creating awareness and providing base level funding.

CATALYST:  This pool includes church planting organizations and regional leaders.  Financial support from this channel will ignite a systematic cycle of giving from church planting sending organizations, affirm the value of care for both church-planting spouses and develop women leaders to ensure ongoing networks and coaching in their cities or groups.

PATRON: This pool includes foundations, women’s organizations and private donors who have the capacity to give a gift of $25,000 or more.  Financial partners in this group will join Parakaleo’s vision to build out scope, contribute to key operations and extend the reach of care to emerging networks.  Also, this group is comprised of donors who support our individual staff.