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Parakaleo Tool Webinar

Do you struggle to forgive?  Perhaps you find your heart struggling with a low grade issue that doesn’t seem to resolve? Are you tired of forgiving over and over again?  Does trauma or betrayal continue to plague your life and memory? Has a particular relationship caused you harm? 

Because we live between the Now and the Not Yet, we are all wounded and we all wound.  Each of us have experienced deep hurt by someone who has wounded us physically, emotionally, or spiritually by their words and actions. We’ve been hurt and we don’t know quite what to do with it - how to process, how to forgive, and what moving forward in relationships does and does not look like. The struggle to forgive can leave us gasping for air, but God’s promise in Ps 23:3 is a place to breathe and a path that’s good.  “True to your word, you let me catch my breath and send me in the right direction."

In this cohort, we will use gospel tools to look at how our stories fit into God’s story, where we typically hide when we’ve been hurt, and how forgiveness might change and free us to love God and others.

Parakaleo tool webinar

Thursday mornings from 9 - 10:30 am, Sep 7, Sep 21, Oct 5, Oct 26, Nov 2 and Nov 16, 2017   9 - 10:30am

Cost:  $150

This webinar will give you the opportunity to take what you learned at Basic Training deeper into your own heart, as we re-teach primary tools and you get to practice using them, offering and receiving feedback. We'll look at uses and misuses of each tool, how to use them in various contexts, and how to use parts of the tools in different situations. This will help you become more fluent in gospel language and more agile in taking the gospel to your own heart and to the heart of others.

The Parakaleo Tool Webinar will be led by Tami Resch and Emily Hartman.