Church planting is a unique calling.

It blends all areas of your life into one: vocation, calling, community, faith. So many women in church planting feel like no one understands what they are going through. And they are right, most don’t.

Parakaleo’s coaches have been there before. They are ready to help women unpack current life issues through mentoring and coaching. Our coaches have watched women be released from a duty-driven obligation to perform as a “good pastor’s wife” to a desire-driven exploration of God’s unique calling for their lives. For some, this thrusts them more boldly into ministry. For others, this gives courage to be less active yet more focused.

“I can’t imagine planting a church without one-on-one coaching! I feel like a green vine and my friends who do it alone are withered branches!”
— Woman in Church Planting

What can I expect From

One-On-One Coaching?

Parakaleo Coaches:

  • Equip you toward personal gospel transformation

  • Consult in role navigation

  • Assist and provide accountability in skill development of competencies (Church Leader Spouse Inventory)

  • Aid in expanding your community of support


Coaching Packages

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Coaching Appointments: $300

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Coaching Appointments: $600

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Coaching Appointments: $1,200



Parakaleo coaching is born out of research among church planting spouses. This research led to the creation of a statistically-verifiable profile inventory that reveals needed character and competencies of a church planting spouse in 21st century North America.