Parakaleo News: Executive Director Transition


It is with deep gratitude that the Parakaleo Board of Directors announces the transition of Shari Thomas to Director of Global Strategy beginning April 1. 

 Shari has spearheaded new ministries through Parakaleo that have helped build more healthy church planting ecosystems around the world. As the organization’s first Executive Director, her leadership, fortitude, and grit were instrumental in developing Parakaleo into a ‘come alongside’ ministry dedicated to helping women in church planting thrive. In her new role, she will continue to forge new ground by developing partnerships in global cities as Parakaleo continues to bring its mission to church planters around the world.


On her transition, Shari states:

“Tami Resch and I started Parakaleo with a calling, a vision, and $500. The executive team has created a strong foundation, and yet we need to dramatically increase our organizational leadership and fundraising efforts to fulfill our vision of seeing every woman in church planting trained, supported and valued. I have been overwhelmed by God’s goodness in sustaining and growing Parakaleo during these years. But now is the time to focus on finding an Executive Director who can lead Parakaleo into the next phase of our calling. It was a joy to found a ministry for women in this unique role. I eagerly anticipate handing over the leadership to others so I can return to my love of taking this relational gospel message to new areas.”

As we seek a new Executive Director, the board has identified three priorities for the coming months: developing a sustainable funding strategy, lowering training costs and developing better succession planning moving forward. With these key focus areas in mind, we are pleased to announce that the board has selected Todd Naille to serve as Interim Executive Director effective April 1, 2019. Todd not only brings his extensive experience in fundraising and ministry but is also well-acquainted with Parakaleo and is in full support of our mission and values. The board is confident that Todd is the right person to lead the organization and the executive team over the next twelve months as we seek a long term Executive Director for the organization. 


On his transition, Todd Naille states: 

“It has been my joy to watch the ministry of Parakaleo grow from Shari and Tami’s humble vision to come alongside a handful of church planting wives to its current global reach. While church planting, my wife and myself, both got to be the recipients of such great support and encouragement. I am excited to champion the cause of “coming alongside” and thrilled to serve at this moment of Parakaleo’s growth spurt!”

With Todd in place, we will be seeking the input of staff, board members, the Parakaleo community and others as we trust God and seek a permanent Executive Director.

Thank you for your continued support as we move on to a great new chapter for Parakaleo. Now, as always, we depend on your faithful prayers that God will give us courageous grace, insight, and stamina in the high calling of joining Christ in his worldwide campaign of renewing all things.

The Parakaleo Board of Directors