A Place for Women in Church PlaNting to Gather

Groups of 6-8 participants create space for women in church planting to be renewed and restored. They normalize the confusing and often painful experiences of ministry, inviting women to entrust their lives to Jesus and each other. Maybe you feel isolated, discouraged and even a little disconnected from your Savior. You aren't alone! Our groups are led by someone who is further down the road with a heart to bring you along - you'll walk away with 6 practical tools and a network of friends who know what you're going through.  

What can I expect when I join a group?

virtual groups

Virtual groups are a great option if local groups aren't available or don't work out for you. The same great content and the same great connections (you'll just have to bring your own food). 

4-6 women meet twice a month through web conferencing over the course of the year. Meetings typically last about an hour and a half.

Local groups

Good food, safe space, and practical tools to bring your heart back to the gospel. Groups provide ongoing deep connection with trusted companions as well as just-in-time training for current issues facing church planting.

Contact us to find out if there is a local

Group leader in you area.

Where are our NETWORKS & groups?

East Asia

Southeast Asia



South America


North America Networks & Groups


Baltimore, MD

Maria Garriott maria@parakaleo.us

Central Florida Network

Luchrysta Caswell luchrysta@ccpclakeland.org

Chattanooga, TN

Mary Lu Strawbridge ml.straw@gmail.com

Columbus, OH Network

Abby Hutto ahutto@wcpc.org

Delaware, New Jersey & Philadelphia

Katie Sica katiesica@gmail.com


Mclean, VA

Meagan May

New York, NY

Cristina Caires - Queens

Nashville, tn

Wendy Twit

North georgia network

Kristy Caston - Atlanta

Lorrie Deringer - Athens

GLOBAL networks & groups


Nagoya, Japan

Utako Grateley utakog@hotmail.co.uk

Sydney, Australia

Wendy Mugridge

Jane Bray

Jane Vaughan


Ale Espinoza

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Darlene Mirawaty darlenemirawaty@me.com

Monterrey, Mexico

Ruth Garza