Basic Training Intensive



All Parakaleo training builds off this foundational course that helps us take the truth of the gospel to our own hearts. We use practical, visual tools to make gospel theology easily accessible in the moments of crisis and ministry challenges. In this course we invite you to see your own story in light of God’s bigger story of redemption, identify how the gospel applies to all aspects of life, unmask chosen idolatries, embrace your truest identity and calling, and live this out in community. Sound exhilarating and exhausting? This week is personal, story-based, practical, and surprisingly full of space to rest, play and create. You just might return home a different person.


Is this for me?

If you are church planting or in ministry, the answer is yes, this is for you.

event details



The fee to attend is $1,200 which includes the training, materials and room & board.

Dates & Location:

Sunday, June 16th at 6:00pm - Thursday, June 17th at 2:00pm

The retreat will be held in the Orlando area and will begin Sunday evening with dinner at 6:00pm.

For those flying

Participants who plan to fly should fly into the Orlando International Airport. The retreat location is about 30 minutes from the airport. Transportation from the airport will not be provided. Please plan to use a taxi or ride share service such as Uber or Lyft.

For those driving, we ask that you arrive by 5:00pm on Sunday.