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Alongside Registration


Is this for you?

If you spend time in conversations with women this training is for you! Yes, ALL Parakaleo trainers, network leaders, and coaches, as well as ministry leaders in the local church can benefit from this experiential training. This course is designed for one-on-one intense mentoring and gospel coaching.

Parakaleo’s Alongside training offers another layer of tools and language for us to communicate gospel truth to those with whom we are sharing our lives. Whether this be in the context of a women’s Bible study at church, a small group, a friendship, or a neighbor who is wanting to connect on a deeper level, Alongside will provide you with a framework with which to engage in a conversation that engages the heart.
— 2015 Alongside Participant

Accommodations & Location:

Residence Inn Columbus Easton               

For those who choose to stay in the hotel, check-in is Sunday at 3pm and checkout is Thursday at 11am. The training will begin on Monday, March 20th at 8am and conclude on Thursday, March 23rd at 4pm. We ask that those who are not local arrive on Sunday evening as the training starts at 8am Monday. Dinner on Sunday evening will be provided for those who like to attend. Details will be provided upon registration.


Training: $600*

Fee includes the training, training manual, and meals.

*Registration Deadline is June 26th.

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