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Basic Training

Our three curriculum tracks, born out of research and a decade of experience, apply a gospel paradigm to the stresses women in ministry face. Our unique design invites women to see their own stories in light of God’s bigger story of redemption; understand how the gospel applies to all aspects of life; unmask chosen idolatries; embrace their truest identity and calling; and live this out in community.

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Parakaleo’s interactive training is firmly based in gospel theology, informed by educational theory and influenced by ongoing research. Parakaleo equips women to face the complex world of church planting and pastoral ministry. We provide a grid for viewing and living life through the gospel in the midst of life and ministry challenges with practical, tangible tools.Our unique design invites women to see their own stories in light of God’s bigger story of redemption, understand how the gospel applies to all aspects of life, unmask chosen idolatries, embrace their truest identity and calling, and live this out in community.


4-day intensive TRAINING RETREATS 

Explore current issues you’re facing along with others who are on a similar journey. Investigate how your story of origin impacts your relational style, your chosen idolatries, and your church and family. And plan on doing this in a fun, relaxing format.

We use real-life scenarios ranging from boundary ambiguity to conflicts as we unpack deeper heart issues in our peer counseling groups. And we dedicate serious time to celebrating and playing!


I found Parakaleo’s four-day training intensive to be as solid as graduate/seminary classes. Parakaleo manages to hit the sweet spot, providing honest, wise survival training for ministry spouses. The trainer’s winsome method of weaving the hard qualitative research results on women and their husbands, with theologically, gospel soaked material makes this training the best value for all women. I’d like to see all church leadership utilize this resource.
— Dr. Penny Freeman


PRICE: $1200*

All Parakaleo training builds off this foundational course that helps us take the truth of the gospel to our own hearts. We use practical, visual tools to make gospel theology easily accessible in the moments of crisis and ministry challenges. In this course we invite you to see your own story in light of God’s bigger story of redemption, identify how the gospel applies to all aspects of life, unmask chosen idolatries, embrace your truest identity & calling, and live this out in community. Sound exhilarating and exhausting? This week is personal, story based, practical, and surprisingly full of space to rest, play, & create. You just might return home a different person.

Day 1
The Journey, Gospel, Identity, & Story

Day 2
Longings, Idolatry, Self-Care, & Art Journaling

Day 3
Role Navigation & Boundaries

Day 4
Relating Styles and Community

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  Sample of Basic Training module 2: The Gospel 


Because of the generosity of many donors through the 2016 Love Gift, Parakaleo is offering 30 partial scholarships for PCA ministry women, including church planting spouses, chaplain wives, RUF wives, and others. These Love Gift scholarships will cover the $600 training fee for any Parakaleo four-day intensive training retreat in 2017-2018 (full cost is $1,200).


If you can donate a large, beautiful home (sleeps 12-18), to host a Parakaleo Training Intensive, or are interested in bringing a Taste of Parakaleo workshop, to your city, please contact Tami Resch. 

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If you are interested in hosting a Parakaleo Training Intensive
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