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8 in 2018 Campaign

What’s it all about?

 We envision every woman in church planting, recognized, trained and supported.

Women in 8 countries are anticipating training and participation in virtual cohorts in 2018. Our trainers are certified and ready. Women are asking for the dates of the events and cohorts. But the behind the scenes infrastructure must be in place before we begin.

You know, the work that goes on behind the scene of putting together training events, purchasing supplies, setting up registration, creating awareness of the need, writing copy, developing brochures, and overseeing translation of materials.

With your contributions, you can make it possible for women in all 8 countries to receive training in 2018.

Give now and make 300% on your investment.

We’ve been given seed money of $10,000 to kick off this campaign. When we reach $10,000, another donor has promised to match that with an additional $10,000! Giving during the 8 weeks of this campaign means your giving will be tripled.

Where did this idea come from?

Parakaleo’s founder, Shari Thomas, describes her church planting experience in Beyond Duct Tape.  “When the bottom fell out and we returned home, I was a raging volcano waiting to erupt. I felt betrayed, abandoned and totally powerless before a God whom I could never do enough to please. I had given my life, my earthly possessions, and as my grandmothers before me – my children. And I was furious! If there was nothing required of me to earn favor with God, then why all the hard work? Why all the sacrifice? Why the incessant conferences and studies of never ending ways to better ourselves?”

Her experience of deep disappointment, anger and bitterness drew her to encounter the real gospel. Only after being gripped again by God’s adoptive love in Christ did she realize that in the exhaustive work of trying to start a church, her identity had been misplaced. She had been caught in the viscous cycle of measuring her and her husband’s worth by success or failures and what others thought. Not by the vast love of the only One who truly mattered.

Sadly, she discovered her story was not unique. Many women with similar experiences sought her out to the extent she became alarmed. Not only was there a surge in church planting, little to nothing was offered to help young women navigate this unique type of ministry. Stories emerged of depression, marital break ups and fragile new churches left on their own. Often young congregations wondered if what they thought was good news was just another hoax. After intensely researching the need, Shari began working with her friend and future Parakaleo founder, Tami Resch, to design an answer.

Twelve years later Parakaleo, a ministry that comes alongside women in church start-ups is exploding with requests for help.

The Challenge  

A robust effort by multiple people is required to develop a strong church that is focused on the peace and prosperity of its city. Humanly speaking, the key is the pastoral couple chosen for this project. Both partners play a vital role yet historically only one person is recognized, trained and supported in this high risk, high reward endeavor. To this end, we plan to raise an ultimate goal of $250K in the upcoming year.

To get started, we need your help to raise $30,000 by December 31 to ensure we have the needed infrastructure before we can set up these training opportunities.